• Diwali Celebration
  • South Indian snacks and Coffee
  • Mouth watering Indian sweets
  • Colourful array of Indian Spices

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Uma's cooking classes are both very enjoyable and very informative. Uma is not only a really good cook but is also an excellent teacher. Her small classes allow you to experience firsthand the preparation, cooking and taste of authentic southern Indian dishes. Having the classes in her kitchen gives you a better insight into the role and importance of food in Indian home life, how it is prepared and eaten. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Uma's classes to anyone with a genuine interest in food and culture.

Uma’s cooking classes had come highly recommended to me and she definitely didn't disappoint. Haven’t had no experience in Indian cooking, it was fantastic to be able to learn in a small group where you could gain practical experience in the preparation and cooking of various meals. Uma shared many cooking tips and it was great to be able to go home and actually make the meals correctly so that they had the authentic taste and smell of southern Indian dishes. In addition, it was great to gain an insight into the cultural aspects of Indian life to complete the learning experience. I would definitely recommend Uma’s classes to anyone who is interested learning how to make Indian food as it is well worth it.

Uma is a real star. My friend and I loved spending time in her kitchen learning all about authentic Indian food and the culture and traditions that go with it. Uma is very flexible and will adjust the course according to what you would like to cook. The recipes are really easy to follow and I've cooked them at home many times. I'd really recommend this course to anyone and wish Uma and her family all the luck in the world. We will be back. Thanks Uma!

I really enjoyed Uma’s vegetarian cooking classes. The classes were relaxed and very interesting. I was amazed at the variety of spices Uma had in her kitchen. The food we cooked was lovely and it has certainly given me the confidence to now try these recipes myself – the dishes I have now cooked turned out really well – just like Uma’s. Uma is very friendly and our discussions on Indian culture and cooking were great – also how many of the spices were used medicinally. I would certainly recommend Uma’s class.

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